Newsflash: I don’t like salads. I know, I know, I need to hand over my healthy living blogger card for that one. I don’t know what it is, I like vegetables; but it’s the lettuce that gets me. Spinach? Heck to the freaking no. Looks and tastes like leaves. Romaine? Sometimes, but if it’s “squishy” or wilted, forget it. 

Newsflash #2. I DO like iceburg lettuce. I know, it has basically no nutritional value whatsoever, but hey; it’s better than fast food and it’s still a vegetable.

For lunch today, I made an epic salad and it was delicious. Every crunchy bit of it.

This beast was topped with feta cheese, an entire tomato, half a cucumber, a dill pickle and some fresh, deli sliced ham.

Come.To.Mama. Speaking of pickles, my obsession with them is getting a bit out of hand. I have one with lunch every day and it’s becoming my night time snack as well. Thank goodness for Sam’s Club and the fact I can buy this giant jar for under $5. 


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