Fourth of July Fun

There were so many people at the campground, that trying to get on their Wi-Fi was next to impossible. I almost made it last night, but kept getting kicked off, so I gave up. We had such a fabulous time camping this weekend, I was genuinely sad to pack up and go home this morning. 

Thursday morning, everyone slept in and we had a lazy morning around the campsite and then went to the beach in the afternoon. It has been a pretty cool summer so far and the water is freezing, didn’t stop the kids from going in, but it stopped me!

He looks upset in this picture, but I assure you he was mid laugh when I took this.

The husband and I sat in the sand, reading some books (well, I did) and just relaxing and enjoying being together.

After we got back, cleaned up and had dinner, we had the most amazing sunset pre-fireworks.

The picture doesn’t really do this justice, it was gorgeous. We then took the kids and headed to this little known spot to watch the fireworks on the dunes, over Lake Michigan.

And that’s the last of the pictures. Friday morning we played putt-putt, went out for ice cream and then hung out poolside for a couple of hours. Friday night was spent with family and friends around the campfire enjoying a delicious grilled dinner and s’mores. Can’t wait to get back there in just a couple of weeks.


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