Creepy Fog

We arrived last night and there was a tiny bit of rain, a couple hours later it really started raining and didn’t stop until around Noon today. The trailer we are in feels really tiny when there are 3 kids stuck inside. I’m not sure who was happier once the rain stopped. 

After lunch we went down to the pool and while it wasn’t hot, it was really nice to sit by the pool for a couple of hours. I hate being hot, so mid 60’s is perfection. 

Once the clouds left, it really warmed up and was close to 80 for the rest of the afternoon and early evening. After dinner, I took the kids to our favorite beach.

I’ve never witnessed this at the beach before, this really thick fog was moving in and you couldn’t see the water until you were pretty much in it. 

I really wish I would have had my big camera with us, but the iphone captured things pretty well.

And then it was just gone! Tomorrow the campground is having a 4th of July bike parade for the kids and then we are going back to the beach for an afternoon picnic and then fireworks over the dunes tomorrow night. 


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