Beach Time

It’s been an emotional and exhausting weekend, and we left this morning for the rest of the week. Our little family needs this time for bonding, relaxing and just getting away for a few days. Last year this week it was over 100 degrees almost every day, high humidity and I felt like I was going to melt just walking outside. For anyone who knows me, it was torture. I’m not a summer girl, and when it’s disgustingly hot, I really hate it. 

I’m so dang happy that the highs this week are low 70’s and the best part is that it’s going to be cool at night. Yay for campfires!!

It’s raining tonight and possibly tomorrow, but Thursday and Friday will be perfection and I fully intend on spending as much of those days on the sand.

We suffered a loss in our Church family on Friday. The funeral was yesterday and the whole weekend was a pretty big whirlwind. Things like this always send me into a time of reflecting and going to the viewing at the same funeral home my Dad was at was almost unbearable. I couldn’t believe the RUSH of feelings and memories that surfaced the second I walked in those doors. 

Parents should never have to bury a child and my heart is breaking for this family. Please hug your own families a little tighter tonight. 


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