Quick Update

It’s been awhile since I have posted, I’ve been trying to figure some things out. Anyone who has kids knows that they can get dang expensive. Now that they are all getting older, we have sports expenses, school clothes/supplies/etc expenses and just activities they want to do…it all adds up! As all of these things are going to be due in the next couple of months, I made the extremely tough decision to cancel my gym membership. One of the main reasons I bought the membership was because I was SO sick and tired of the DVD’s that I had and was totally burned out on them. I’ll be sucking it up and going back to them, but I also have an entire notebook of workouts I’ve been compiling over the last year or so that require little more than weights, resistance bands or just my own body weight. So that’s where I’m at now 

We’re also trying to get into a good summer routine. I think we are FINALLY getting it, the first couple weeks are always tough. I’m excited about being out of town pretty soon and fully intend on spending the week at the beach or in the pool. 


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