Allergic to What?!

If you remember, I posted this picture last week after a week of over-indulging in some pizza and other foods. 

But, this keeps happening. For the past month or so, I noticed that things just weren’t right. I have been fighting this stomach pain and thought maybe I was just over eating, but over the past week I noted that the bathroom visits were becoming more frequent and painful and it didn’t matter how much or how little I ate, it still happened. Enough was enough and I scheduled a dr appointment for yesterday. I don’t want to get into too many specifics, because if you are having issues, it’s always best to speak with a dr, but I knew something was wrong. 

After listing my symptoms and in near tears because of the pain I was in, my Dr. put her hand on my shoulder and said, “you are a walking, talking fact sheet for a gluten allergy.” The celiac tests aren’t back yet, and probably wont’ be until Monday, but she advised I start on a gluten free diet immediately, and also warned me to be patient, as it could take up to two weeks before I could feel relief. That’s when I broke down and started crying. Two weeks?! Are you kidding me? I went home and had a pity party for 1 for awhile and then got totally overwhelmed on everything online. My neighbor brought over 4 books for me last night  and reading the first chapter of one of them had me nodding my head saying YES, oh my gosh, that’s exactly how it feels!!! 

So, the plan is this: wait for the test results, if it comes back positive, I’ll be having an endoscopy and biopsy to check for damage that has been done. If it comes back negative, all signs are pointing to a gluten sensitivity issue, so I need to stay on a total gluten free diet for 4-6 weeks, if I’m not feeling any relief, further testing will be done. If the total gluten free diet brings relief, then that’s what I’ll stay on. 

I’m feeling better about things today, trying to focus on foods I CAN eat instead of foods that I CAN’T. I just want some relief to this near constant stomach pain and if that means no gluten, than that’s what I’ll do. 


One thought on “Allergic to What?!

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