Last week was a tough week and I’m so glad it’s over. This is going to be a whole lot of TMI…this is your warning. 

Since I started losing weight, my periods have gotten progressively better and not as heavy and painful as they were a couple of years ago, but this past week was a flashback for sure. There were a few days it took everything out of me just to do the simplest of tasks, and going to the gym was only a dream. It’s not an excuse, but I also let my eating habits fall to the wayside as well. On Friday night when I was finally on the upswing, I walked by the bathroom mirror and was seriously appalled. After only a week of feeding my body garbage, it was rebelling…big time. I had to take a picture so I can remember how quickly this can happen.

I’m not pregnant, obviously, but I look like I’m about to deliver a small child. 

I can’t wait to get to the gym tomorrow! I have my workouts planned for the week, my meal plan (which includes TONS of vegetables!!) is ready and it’s time to get this body moving again. 

Have a great rest of the day!


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