Kindergarten Orientation

I can’t believe the time has come. Friday was a pretty special day in our house, it was Kindergarten orientation day for my youngest. I was a nervous wreck. I have been a stay at home mom since the day he was born and though there were some rough days, I can honestly say that these past 5 years have gone by faster than I ever imagined. He is so ready, he can’t wait until September and he gets to go all day, every day, just like his big brother and sister. Most of the time, I still think of him like this: 

We made a whole day out of it, we went out for a special mama/Aiden lunch and then went to the school. First they took his picture, then he met the principal, who has met a few times, but this time it was an official, welcome to the school handshake. After the principal introduced himself and some of the staff, they took the kids down to the Kindergarten rooms for story time, free play, self-portraits, snack time and the highlight of the afternoon; a bus ride in the parking lot. When they brought them down a couple of hours later, he couldn’t stop talking about how much fun he’s going to have and asking when it was going to be the first day. He was not pleased that he still has an entire summer to go through before school starts again. 

After I took this picture, he game me a hug and said “it’s ok mama, I’m ready for school.” My heart melts every time that sweet face calls me mama. This Fall will be a big transition for a few of us; my oldest will be going to middle school, the baby in Kindergarten, and hopefully I’ll have some clients to work with while everyone is gone all day. 


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