Diet to Go Ambassador

Last week I applied to be a Diet to Go Ambassador and got an email a couple days later that my application was accepted! 

I got the shipment yesterday and was amazed at how awesome all of the food looked, I couldn’t wait to get started!!

First up; Breakfast: 

This was the whole wheat french toast bake

It had a slice of swiss cheese and ham that made this whole thing (once topped with the raspberry syrup)

 a sweet and savory combo that if not for the built in portion control, I would have had many more pieces. There was also asparagus pieces on the side. Along with the delightful french toast, it came with two more sides.

An orange, grapefruit, cranberry salad

And a probiotic yogurt smoothie.


A chicken waldorf salad on a whole wheat roll 

With a packet of Zesty Snack Mix. It had corn nuts in it…which I absolutely ADORE, seeds and crispy noodles. It also came with a V8 that I did my best to drink as quickly as possible.

Dinner: I waited all day long for this and it did not disappoint! 

Chicken fajita burrito, the best refried beansI think I may have ever had and some carrots. 

I had a hard time finishing this beast, it was ginormous!!! I will be posting a full Diet to Go review of the meals and more about the company when I finish all of the meals, but I was so excited about the meals today, I had to share them with you all tonight. 


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