Fajita Chicken

Every Sunday my family and my brothers and their families all go to my mom’s house for family dinner. We started this about 12 years ago when Spencer and I got married and after my Dad died it became even more of a necessity. With so many mouths to feed and some picky adults kids in the mix, we have a list of meals we make and just rotate every week.

This past week, my Mom had a new idea for dinner and this one was a HUGE crowd pleaser!! I ended up filling a tupperware dish for myself to bring some home and it was even better the next day as all of the flavors had a chance to really meld together and it was SO easy to make!! 

In a large pan cook chicken until it’s just about cooked through and then add in peppers and onions, and a package of Fajita seasoning – or if you’re someone who makes your own seasonings, have at it…I’m not. Cook to your desired level of crunch factor, we liked our peppers and onions still with a crunch to them, so I  only cooked them for about 5 minutes all together. Sunday night we had these served in true fajita fashion complete with homemade guacamole, salsa, sour cream and all the other goodies. Last night I just had it over rice and it was still just as delicious.

Next time, we are going to make this with steak. Ohhh, yes. From our family to yours, enjoy!!!


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