Food Control

Alternate title- Why I can’t classify myself as strictly Paleo.

I have decided that I can’t be 100% Paleo. For a few reasons: 

1. I miss oatmeal. 
2. I miss yogurt. Yogurt and fruit has always been my go to snack and I really miss it.
3. I miss bread. 

I have said all along that I fully believe in eating everything in moderation…and I still stand by that. I really didn’t think I would miss eating certain foods like dairy and some grains, but when I found myself hiding and eating an english muffin in the middle of the night, I knew something was wrong. 

I don’t like food rules. Over the past couple of weeks I have found myself scrutinizing everything wondering if foods were “allowed” or not. I can’t live like that. I truly admire those that can stick to Paleo or Gluten Free or being Vegetarian or Vegan 100%, I just can’t. Food rules do nothing but make me feel like I’m out of control and that is when I just want to eat anything and everything. 

Here’s what I have learned over 2 weeks of being Paleo.

 I was not eating enough vegetables, I will continue to eat as many of those as possible.

I have learned to like sweet potatoes! 

I was eating WAY too many processed breads and processed foods in general. I will not be going back to how I was eating, but will eat in moderation. 

Food does not need to control me. I can eat Paleo(ish), but there is no one standing in my home who is going to beat me if I eat a slice of cheese. 

Coconut anything rocks my socks and I will not stop the coconut loving train I am on!


One thought on “Food Control

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