Paleo Pancakes {sort of…}

More like a Paleo Pancake scramble, but the taste was spot on. I first saw these on pinterest and then on a couple of blogs and decided to try it for myself. The first time I made them, it was only an egg and a banana and never made it again. I recently bought some coconut flour and have been trying to find ways to use it. 

I read on a blog or instagram or maybe even Facebook earlier this week {my memory sucks lately} that adding in a tablespoon of coconut flour to the egg/banana mixture resulted in a thicker batter making it more “pancake” like. I decided to give it another try this morning and oh my sweet baby goodness. DEEELICIOUS! This breakfast is definitely going on my keeper list! It was easy to make, delicious and can be topped with anything! Today was grocery day, so my choices were quite limited this morning and I just topped mine with almond butter and that was amazing on it’s own. I bought a crap ton of strawberries at Sam’s Club today, so you can bet they will be topping future “pancakes” this week. 

As you can tell, these don’t really resemble a pancake and that’s simply because I was impatient and tried to flip it too soon resulting in 3 different pieces. Delicious all the same! 

Have you tried the paleo pancake? Thoughts?


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