Free Day

This past week has been spring break, it’s been fun, but I’m not the only one looking forward to a certain couple of people returning to school on Monday morning. My brother and his wife asked if they could take the kids one night over the break and the plan was for them to go last night and I would pick them up this morning. Instead, I dropped them off last night, my other sister in law had them all day today and brought them home around dinner. I got home last night before the husband did and the house immediately was lonely and WAY too quiet!!! I wish I was kidding when I tell you I went through the house turning on almost every light. 

This morning I got up and went to the gym as usual where I did 2.31 miles, gave my upper body a smackdown. 

Once I got home, I did some ab work and squats.

Even though my 3rd c-section was five years ago, that area is so out of control it’s ridiculous. Those muscles suck and they hurt! I only had 14 reverse crunches on the plan for today, but trust me, I felt OUCH. I’m determined to get that area all toned up though!

I spent the rest of the day cleaning this house from top to bottom, did a little catching up on the DVR and was able to have dinner ready and on the table before they got home this evening. Too much fun with their aunts and uncles led to one heck of a meltdown involving showers and no one wanting to get in first…they are now watching a little TV and heading to bed soon. 

I feel like a new, refreshed mom and human!!! My batteries have definitely been re-charged! Once they are all down for the night, I have big plans to finish the book I have been reading and going to bed early so I can start all over tomorrow…


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