Waiting Too Long To Eat

The biggest issue I have right now is waiting too long to eat. The worst is breakfast, a typical weekday morning looks like this: 

4:00- Alarm goes off
4:15- Out the door
4:20 – Arrive at gym
6:00- Home

And then I don’t eat until after I drop off the two oldest at school, come home and shower and by that time it’s nearly 9am before I start making breakfast. Not an issue for my 5 year old who typically wakes up a few minutes before we take his brother and sister for school, but a huge issue for me since I’ve been up for 5 hours and worked out before I eat something. 

My work outs are getting harder which means I’m seriously so freaking hungry by 9am that I’m nauseous and can’t get satisfied, no matter what I eat. This is a slippery slope because I can’t get satisfied all day long leaving me cranky and hungry. All dang day. Not a good combo. 

Now that we are embracing the paleo lifestyle, I’ve realized how important meal prep is. 

I made these yesterday and had one this morning with some fruit and hot herbal tea. It’s been a life changing day. I have been satisfied all day and I’m not hungry and cranky. It’s amazing how one simply thing can change so much. I really wasn’t sure if this would change things or not, but just eating something right when I got home from the gym made my morning go SOO much easier and I wasn’t ready to bite anyone’s head off the moment they spoke. 

This version is really simple because I wasn’t sure of the cooking time or if they would even taste ok. 

Egg Muffins – I will be trying an egg white version next.

For 6 muffins 

  • 6 eggs (beaten)
  • Sausage (I used spicy jalepeno)

Grease muffin tin and really well, as you can tell, some of them got a little stuck to the sides and the bottoms are missing on a few as well. 

Pour into muffin tin and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. 

Do you know of any other breakfast meals I can make in advance?


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