Goal = Demolished

This wasn’t the post I expected to write tonight and I’m still in a bit of shock, so bare with me as my thoughts may be a jumbled disaster right now. I guess I’ll just go back to this morning.


3.21 miles on the treadmill in an hour for a grand overall pace of 18:41, getting faster! I finished up with a sweaty leg workout and hobbled out of there.

I’m on a mission to cut out the Diet Coke from my life and today was the first day, it’s HARD. This delicious little bottle of goodness was waiting for me in the cold van when I came out. 

Post-Workout Snack:

I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat something when I get home in the mornings, otherwise it’s a few hours between gym and breakfast time and by that point I’m so hungry I would eat just about anything! A full review is coming soon, but these About Time protein powders have been rocking my world! Today I had the Vanilla.

Mixed with 1 cup of milk and then I had a banana as well.


Sometimes simple is best. Oatmeal with crunchy peanut butter. Heaven in a bowl right there!

Side of Vitamin C.


Another bowl of awesomeness. Chicken, broccoli, brown rice and cheddar cheese. There are some things I never want to go without and cheddar cheese is one of those things. 


I saw these Chobani Bites at the store and the raspberry/dark chocolate combo was the one that was calling my name. I knew these would make a perfect afternoon snack and I was right! This would probably be even better with a sliced banana or a little granola on top.


Turkey burger with bbq sauce/mustard, cheese and loads of pickles. Broccoli and cauliflower for some vegetables that I am in desperate need of.

I bought a pair of compression capris at Old Navy two years ago in a size medium. The first time I tried them on last May, they came up to my knees and I couldn’t get them up any higher. Tonight…they fit. They fit!!!! I’m seriously in shock right now.

And that right there is the goal that I freaking demolished!!! I honestly didn’t think they were ever going to fit and holy crap, they FIT!!! As a comparison, here are the capris I lived in pretty much all summer last year. They are an XL.

I did it. I really did it. I’ve worked my tail off and it’s paying off. BIG TIME! Wow. And with that, I’m hitting publish, catching up on the DVR, reading and going to bed. Have a great night!!!!


11 thoughts on “Goal = Demolished

  1. Yay for you! Sometimes I don't see results on the scale or in the mirror but I'll see them in my clothes or by sizes and it's the best. feeling. ever.

    Hard work always pays off 🙂 Way to go!

  2. Thank you so much! I am seriously amazed because the scale has actually gone up and I thought there was no way these were ever going to fit, not even 2 months ago they wouldn't go up all the way. Peace out scale!

  3. GREAT job!! You must feel beyond elated, XL to M is a major accomplishment and takes a lot of hard work! Awesome job. Oh and, those Chobani bites are so good! I tried the coffee/dark chocolate one and I think raspberry is next on my list!

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