Marvelous in My Monday {5}

My last MIMM post was in October, that’s about the time I started posting weekly weigh ins, but since I’m not doing that anymore, Marvelous in My Monday posts are coming back!

If you don’t know what MIMM posts are all about, head over to the host of this crazy link party, Katie will tell you all about it. 

This weekend was low-key and really relaxed, just like I love them! Yesterday after Church, I crawled in my bed for about an hour and read this crazy book that has me so addicted!

The first book in this series was really good, but this one has my heart pounding on nearly every page! When we were at Target on Saturday, I saw these little eggs of goodness and they just happened to land in the cart.

Not gonna lie, I had to hide them from myself because they are so freaking delicious and I can’t say no to them. 

Went to the gym first thing this morning and knocked out 3.14 miles on the treadmill and then did the hardest ab workout I’ve done in a really long time. 

There were planks, oblique crunches, crazy bicycle crunches that I hate, every other variation of crunches and then ended with 30 russian twists with a medicine ball. Done.

I made it to and from the gym fine and then went to take the kids to school and then van was dead. Nothing worked and I panicked. Thankfully the Mr. was home and we were able to give the van a jump that started her right away and many $$$ later, I got a new battery and serpentine belt that will hopefully buy this van a few more months. It’s 10 years old and has 150,000 miles on it, but it’s also been paid off since 2009 and I’m putting off another car payment as long as humanly possible. I’ll be driving this beast until she dies…and can’t be revived 😉 

I was so close to driving thru somewhere on the way home from the mechanic because I was legit starving since it was now 10am and I had been up since 4:30am, done a killer workout and still had nothing but water and powerade zero in my system. I came home and whipped up this egg sandwich. Hit.The.Spot. Also had a giant mug of lemon/ginger hot herbal tea that was definitely marvelous. 

It was about an hour and a half later that I was hungry again, so I made up this marvelous lunch that filled me for the afternoon. My husband once brought home some take out from somewhere that had pickle slices in the rice pilaf and ever since, I add pickle slices when ever I make a rice meal. 

This had a base of brown rice and then pickles, broccoli, chicken and avocado. Yes, please. 

I could (and almost do) eat this every day for lunch. So good!!! 

Dinner was at the request of the kiddies; waffles and turkey bacon. 

Ohhh yeah. Definitely a marvelous dinner! And now we are having some book reading time and I hope to be in bed by 9 since that alarm is going to be going off before I know it and my day will start all over again.


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