Power Bowl

I have been trying to find a meal for lunch that not only fills me up, but one that’s delicious and also doesn’t leave me feeling hungry an hour later. Today, I found it. 

Lunch: The Power bowl

This beast had the following: 

  • Brown Rice
  • Chicken (baked and topped with coconut oil and Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy)
  • Avocado
  • Roasted broccoli (cooked in the same dish as the chicken)

I already had a big batch of brown rice made so all I needed to do was cook the chicken and broccoli and then fill my bowl. This meal powered me through the entire afternoon, I couldn’t believe it! Not to mention it was freaking DELICIOUS!!!! 

I also had a dish with sliced kiwi as well. These were on sale for something like 6 for $1, so I totally stocked up on them this past weekend. 

For the better part of the year, I can’t get enough herbal tea in my life. I usually have a mug by my side most of the day and then my water bottle in the car. This Peppermint Herbal tea is quickly becoming a favorite and when I was battling the flu, it was perfect!

My favorite mug

Haha, look you can see my reflection. Hi 🙂


My husband has been wanting steak for weeks now, but serving a family of 5 steak can get pretty expensive. Thankfully I found some on sale over the weekend and picked up a few. If there’s one thing I like about warmer temperatures, it’s grilling nearly all of our meals. 

Have a great night!


10 thoughts on “Power Bowl

  1. I'm so focused on how pretty your avocado slices look! haha I'm a weirdo. But I swear, mine look so butchered and mushy by the time I get it scooped out of the shell.

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