Leg Day Woes

The last time I had a gym membership, I was so totally overwhelmed and thought I had to do everything, every day. Not only was I sore and therefore unmotivated, but I was miserable trying cram a full body workout in every day. This time around I’m breaking things up: upper body, lower body, abs and once a week; full body. Since I’m also trying to build up my cardio endurance and lower my resting heart rate, I will be doing cardio intervals every day.

Today I started off with 35 minutes on the treadmill, doing a little over a mile and a half…yeah, I know, I’m slow, whatever. Then went on to some weight machines, weighted lunges and finally ended with weighted squats and incline crunches. It was all fun and games until I came home and went to sit down to pee. Wow. My legs are SO sore today!!!!!

In other news, I’m on the Fit Approach blog today! Read the story HERE


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