Influenza A

That’s what I’m currently battling right now. It all started on Tuesday, I woke up that morning feeling a little “off.” By 9am, I was done. My whole body ached, I had a fever, chills and was exhausted. Wednesday night the coughing and sore throat started, and I went to the dr first thing Thursday morning. I was tested for strep throat and the flu and tested positive for flu, negative for strep. I spent that day and Friday fighting to stay awake for more than an hour and having these insane, painful coughing attacks coupled with a burning sore throat. Not fun. I was given Tamiflu on Thursday and have been taking that twice a day, tomorrow is the last day. Every day I feel a little bit better, but man, this is crazy. I have never, ever been this sick in my entire life…I hate it! 

Really, really hoping to be back to normal soon! Today I have really improved; not only have I managed a shower, but I cleaned the kitchen, de-cluttered the living room and I’m doing some laundry. My husband was amazing helping to keep things running….and then he got with it too. 

I hope your week was better than mine!


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