Weekly Weigh In

I know that I shouldn’t get upset, my brain knows that, but week after week of this…it sucks! 

I’m adding in some more weight training and HIIT workouts this week, hopefully that will get things moving again. I’m only 16 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight (5 years ago…), so even though I know it’s just a number, it’s a number I would love to hit again one day.


The ultimate in comfort food; dippy eggs on toast and a banana. Once I added this beast of a breakfast into My Fitness Pal, however, yikes. I need to not have this every day like in weeks past.


I can’t get enough baked potatoes! I wish I could like sweet potatoes, but they make me gag no matter how they are prepared. Today’s version was topped with reduced sodium pinto beans and then I had sliced cucumbers and strawberries on the side. 


Red Beans and Rice with turkey kielbasa and roasted broccoli added in.


Totally nailed this workout! I started off with Walk Away the Pounds: Hips and Thighs then went old school and did Power 90 (the system before P90X) Sculpt 1 with resistance bands and finished things off with 65 squats and 1:22 plank. Take that scale! I’m so incredibly sore right now, but feeling awesome!!!

And now it’s time for Biggest Loser! Have a great night!!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In

  1. I've tried to love sweet potatoes as well, but I really just don't like them unless there baked in a soufflé and covered in brown sugar, butter and pecans. Pecans are healthy though right? 🙂

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