Snow,Pinewood Derby and a Challenge

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of winter. Given the choice between arctic like temperatures vs 100 degrees, I’ll take the cold any day. This is why Michigan is pretty perfect for me, it’s only really hot a few months out of the year and then a long winter. The last few years, we haven’t had a lot of snow, last year, the kids never even had a chance to go sledding. This year we have had a pretty decent winter and while we didn’t get feet of snow like those on the east coast, we did get a little taste of winter storm Nemo when he blasted through Michigan Thursday night. 

This is what we were greeted with outside the front door. 

Snow drift. I was shocked that we got that much snow! 

A snow “wave” hanging off of the roof. 

Later Friday night after all of the roads were cleared, we went to the church for the cub scout pinewood derby. Tyler was so excited that he got 3rd place overall!

Yesterday morning as I was laying in bed checking out Facebook and Instagram, I found this little gem of a challenge. I attempted it…not pretty. I’m going to keep trying it until I master it!

Today is pretty relaxing day, catching up on some laundry, emails and the DVR before going to my mom’s tonight for dinner. I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!


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