WIAW {#14}

Typically the school week goes by so fast for me, but for some reason this week is going so incredibly slow, I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday! Two WIAW posts in a row?! It’s a miracle. This month, the theme for What I Ate Wednesday posts is love your veggies. 

in addition to your What I Ate Wednesday posts…Tell us about your favorite vegetables.  Share your go-to cooking/prep methods for veggies.  Talk about how you add extra fruits and vegetables to your daily eats.  Challenge yourself to eat more vegetables this month/week/year & any other veggie-centric topics you can whip up!  Have fun with it =)

I have a hard time adding vegetables to breakfast. Sometimes I’ll drink a Shakeology which is the nutrition equivalent of 5 times visiting a salad bar, but generally speaking, I save vegetables for lunch, dinner and snacks. My breakfast this morning is the same thing I’ve had every morning since last Saturday. 

Scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil, english muffin and blueberries. 

Lunch is also pretty much the same meal for the past few days except I didn’t have any more baked beans like I have been eating all week long. Today’s baked potato was topped with turkey chili. On the side I had some sliced cucumber and strawberries.

Dinner was something I originally found on Pinterest, but instead of making it in the crock pot, I just baked the chicken and I liked it a lot better than the crock pot version.

A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy and my new favorite recipe. I made sure to make extra so we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 


I started off with Walk Away the Pounds: The Big Burn. It’s 30 minutes and 2 miles of walking and jogging intervals. I loved how my two youngest jumped in and walked with me the last few minutes and cheered me on when that last jogging interval had me breathing pretty dang hard! After that I did my squats and planks for yesterday and today which equaled 85 squats and 85 second plank. Note to self…don’t skip days, doubling up sucks!!

And now I’m off to relax, read a book and go to bed early. Have a great night!

4 thoughts on “WIAW {#14}

  1. Do you do a plank a day? I love how it's so simple (well er… not simple but just one thing!) and yet it really makes a difference when you are consistent. I need to add in my squats though like you!

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