Burn Your Core Circuit

I did this circuit yesterday and wrote things down as I did them. I wasn’t sure what to call it at first…until it was done and my entire core felt like it was burning!! I’m heading to a hotel tomorrow for the weekend for my brother’s wedding, so I wanted something I could do without weights just in case the hotel gym is less than stellar.

I was having some fun looking through pictures last night and started going through our many trips to the sand dunes. For the past 5 summers, I haven’t been able to do much but sit on the beach reading a book. Climbing the dunes was almost impossible because I couldn’t breathe! I was pretty miserable every day because it was SO hot last summer and I had a little too much “insulation” on my body. I’m not ready for summer and sand dunes yet, but I’m looking forward to actually participating in things this summer and not being a lump on the sand.ย 


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