Exercise Progress

It feels so good to be sweating again! I have been suffering bad with insomnia for the past month or so and working out was sadly not very high on my priorities after sleeping less than 4 hours a night. Since Monday, I have been exercising in the evening and it’s like a miracle. I usually finish around 8 or 8:30, put the kids to bed, take a hot shower, relax for a couple of hours and then once my head hits the pillow I am out cold and don’t wake up until my alarm goes off in the morning, bliss. 

I haven’t been taking very many food pictures, so here are my workout accountability pictures from the past couple of days and then a new core workout from Tribesports. 


CLX: Burn Circuit 1. Used 8-10 weights for most sets, still need the 5’s for a few sets, especially shoulders.


The first time I did this HIIT workout, I was a MESS. I could barely finish the whole thing and my total calorie burn was about 129 calories. I totally killed it last night and felt awesome after it was all done!

And, here’s the new core workout from Tribesports (, http://tribesports.com/challenges/100-crunches-a-day-for-2-weeks/guides/6-types-of-crunches?utm_source=Healthy) I haven’t tried it yet, but I will be doing it tonight. Let me know if you try this circuit out and how you like it. 

Before I wrap this up, I have had the same long hair, boring hairstyle for over 3 years now and aside from a few trims, I haven’t done anything exciting…that changes tonight! I have an idea of how I want it to look and I can’t wait! For now, here’s the before; my last morning with long hair.


2 thoughts on “Exercise Progress

  1. I saw your hair cut on Facebook – love it! I need to get mine cut – seems when its long enough to put in a pony tail, that's the only way I wear it.

    Way to get your workouts in!!

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