Standing Up For the Resolutioners

Over the last few days and weeks I have noticed things that seriously make me ragey and sad. Once upon a time I was a “new year’s resolutioner.” I remember being SO excited to join the gym and get the weight off that I so desperately needed to lose. It was in 2007, but I still remember the aggravated looks in some people’s faces when I was trying to figure out the treadmill settings and the eye rolls and even though they thought they were whispering…I still heard the mean words that were spoken. I almost didn’t go back, but I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of giving up. I worked my happy little tail off for the next 6 months dropping 50lbs before finding out I was pregnant and then moving shortly after that. I thought it was just because of the gym I was at, but looking at status updates, mean cartoon images on Facebook and Instagram, makes me realize these haters are still in abundance.

I don’t care if you start your journey on new year’s day, a monday, friday or at noon on a tuesday in July. EVERYONE DESERVES motivation, encouragement and support. So to anyone reading this who is getting started on their fitness and health journey, BRAVO to you! Keep going and never, ever give up!!!!

Ok, I feel better now.

I saw this on Instagram this morning, I love it and it’s SO true!!!


4 thoughts on “Standing Up For the Resolutioners

  1. Oh yes, I have been talking about this on FB & with my hubby this week – it bothers me how negative people can be about the extra crowds at the gym. Although you may have to wait longer for equipment, be EXCITED that there are new people there doing something for their health! I want to see these people stick around! 🙂

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