Christmas Eve 2012

This year’s Christmas Eve celebration started around Noon on Monday at my mom’s house. We spent the early part of the afternoon hanging out and chatting, watching movies and eating a delicious turkey and ham dinner.

 My mom with my nephews Ryder and Jack

My brother and my Aiden

After dinner, we barely had the dishes cleared before the kiddies were begging to open presents. I really wish I would have been recording this part, because when Aiden opened his gift from my brother and his fiance, he nearly jumped out of his skin he was so ridiculously over excited! I loved it!!!

Captain America shield!!!

All day long, the weather channel was predicting a dusting of snow…but when everyone was getting ready to leave, it was coming down like crazy!

I saw something on Pinterest the other day about “Elf Seeds,” and all 3 of my kids couldn’t wait to do it. I put elf seeds (Tic Tacs) in a plastic bag and they went outside to plant them in the snow. That night when Santa flew over our house, he sprinkled magic powder over our lawn and the seeds grew into candy canes by morning. HUGE hit!!!

What was supposed to be a quick thing out in the snow, turned into everyone out playing in the snow.

Once they were finally asleep, Santa came and we were all in bed by midnight. Christmas morning started around 7 when my youngest brother and family came over…

This is long and picture filled enough, Christmas Day recap will be posted tomorrow. Have a great night!!

Do you do a big celebration Christmas Eve?


5 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2012

  1. Had to smile at the Captain America – we have that shield too. We've added hulk and iron man to the mix this year and a very accurate Green Lantern (hello Ryan Reynolds toy!!).

    Love the elf seed idea. I might manage to pull that off next year….

  2. I LOVE the elf seed idea! How cute! This is a tradition I'd definitely like to use once I have kids. 🙂 I'm so happy you were able to enjoy a white Christmas with your beautiful family. I can tell there was lots of joy flowing through the house!

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