Whole Foods Finds

{ By Jen}

I have been drinking water with apple cider vinegar, stevia and lemon juice for about a year now. While the taste has grown on me and now I like the little “kick” in my water, it gets a little tedious making the concoction every time I empty a water bottle. I was ecstatic when these started popping up on blogs the past couple of weeks. I have looked at my normal grocery stores without luck and I knew if anyone would have them, it was going to be Whole Foods. Yesterday we went there and I was pretty happy to see them all on the shelf, but the $3.00 a bottle price tag was a little offputting and decided there was no way I was going to shell out that kind of money to try all of the different flavors, there are 6 different flavor combos. I decided to get the Apple Cinnamon for me and Concord Grape – Acai for the husband to try. 

The verdict: Tasty, but for that price, I’ll be making my own. I tried my regular version today with a splash of apple juice and cinnamon instead of lemon juice and stevia. The bottled versions are awesome and convenient, but I guess I’ll stick to brewing my own versions until that money tree starts sprouting. Other tasty treats we picked up while we were there included: 

Christmas crack! The rest of my family loves the dark chocolate, but in my world, peppermint and white chocolate ALWAYS win. Always. 

While the mint chocolate coconut milk is delicious straight up, it’s AMAZING warm and even better used to cook oatmeal in. The peppermint stick Clif bar was everything I have imagined. Perfection. #pepperminteverything. And this is why Christmas is the best season ever, peppermint takes over!

Speaking of amazing, all I wanted was soup for lunch today, I was so happy to find a can of minestrone soup in the pantry, it’s my all time favorite kind of soup and this Progresso brand did not disappoint. 

Lots of different vegetables and big chunks of potatoes. So good. 

Dinner, however, not amazing. I really wanted to like this recipe. It was so incredibly bland and the cup of salsa did little to flavor the dish, but really watered it down. After cooking it according to the directions and tasting it, I decided to put it in a casserole dish and add a little shredded cheese and bake it, hoping that would do something. Nope, I choked it down, but the kids had something else. I hate when recipes don’t turn out. I may try this again and add/delete some items, but not right away.

Anyone watch Christmas in Rockefeller Center last night? I recorded it and we are going to watch it now before the kiddies go to bed. Have a great night!



4 thoughts on “Whole Foods Finds

  1. OK, so I know I'm way behind, by like a year I guess, but what's up with the apple cider vinegar? I see everyone drinking it! What's the benefits and why do you drink it everyday?

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