PR’s: Not Just for Runners

{By Jen}

I’m a big numbers kind of person, which is exactly why running and the idea of running appeals to me…I’m just not a runner. I love reading about races and it’s always fun to read about someone beating their PR. As I working out this morning, I realized that PR’s aren’t just for runners. Thanks to my handy, dandy Polar FT7, I know my calorie burn from doing hardcore cardio to walking to stretching. That’s when I realized that I can PR with my calorie burns and push myself to beat that number. Love it.

Morning workout: 

Turbo Fire: Fire 30 and Stretch 10. The more I do Fire 30, the more I fall in love with it. I have done it enough times that I know what is coming up next and I’m not fumbling around like an idiot. I still have to do modifications, but I’m able to put in more and more effort every time I push play. Stretch 10 was amazing as always. My shoulders and back were SO sore this morning, stretching them out was just what I needed. 


I have always been a Chocolate Shakeology girl, but tried a scoop of my mom’s Tropical Shakeology…hooked! It was strawberry deliciousness all around. 

I blended it with a banana and vanilla coconut milk. Perfection.

I think something may be wrong with my blender, it wasn’t as thick today and I kept getting giant chunks of ice when I was drinking it. Not good news.



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