Turbo Fire: HIIT 15 and Stretch 10

I thought 15 minutes? That’s nothing…then I did it. WOW! There are 3 different fire drills and you do each one 3 times. I modified the first two times and full out the 3rd time for each fire drill. I wa

s so out of breath it was ridiculous, but I did it! Next time, I’ll modify 1 and balls to the wall with the 2nd and 3rd for each fire drill.

Stretch 10 was awesome as always, I love that cooldown and my flexibility is really improving.

There is not one thing about Christmas that I don’t adore. I start thinking about it in September and by the time Halloween is over, I can’t wait to break out the Christmas decorations! This year, I held out a little bit and didn’t put up the outside stuff until the Saturday before Thanksgiving and the inside decorations have been going up a little bit every day this week…I’m almost done. All I need is some “snow” for my village, but here’s how things are looking right now.


One of my all time favorite combos; the egg sandwich. This morning’s was a whole grain english muffin topped with a mixture of butter and raspberry jam, turkey sausage patty, egg and 1oz of sharp cheddar cheese. Cheese is the only thing I weigh, otherwise I could polish off a block like nobodies business. 

How is it already 11:30?! I have been busy all morning, but feel like I haven’t done a thing…hate those days! Off to schedule some meetings and answer emails. 



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