Holiday Plan of Attack

As you can tell, I didn’t post much last week. I turned my laptop off on Tuesday and didn’t turn it back on until today. In years past, holiday eating has 100% stressed me out. This year, I realized that Thanksgiving and other holiday parties are such a small part of the next month that I just needed to enjoy myself. And that I did. I ate what I wanted, stopped when I was full, had desserts and enjoyed being around friends and family for a few days. I promised myself I wouldn’t weigh myself until today and even then, regardless of what happened, I would move forward with no regrets. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to a 2 lb loss today. I enjoyed the heck out of Thanksgiving, but didn’t stress about it. I went into it not thinking about how to “healthify” foods {which I did NOT do at all.} or deprivation, but just having fun. I worked hard on the days leading up to Thanksgiving and tried to keep my foods as clean as possible, but when it came down to it. I knew that it was one day. I fully intend on keeping this up over the next month with countless parties, cookie exchanges and other goodie filled days, it’s all about balance.Β 

Here is my holiday plan of attack, I hope a lot of you will join me and we can have a happy, joyous, relaxed, fun, family filled holiday season.Β 


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