Beachbody Cyber Monday Sale

Just a reminder, the sale on these items ends today! Don’t put off starting your fitness routine until January, order it now. These prices are unbeatable and you get FREE coaching (from me). Here’s a reminder of what’s on sale: 

Offer #1: P90X + 3 Shakeology sample packets for just $99 (a $38 savings!)

Offer #2: TurboFire for just $53 (a $67 savings!)

Offer #3: 10-Minute Trainer for just $59.90 (a $20 savings!)

Offer #4: Power 90 for just $44.90 (a $15 savings!)

Offer #5: Hip Hop Abs for just $24.95 (a $35 savings!)

Offer #6: Body Gospel for just $24.95 (a $55 savings!)

Offer #7: Beachbody Squishy Ball for just $3.95 (a $9 savings!)

Here is a direct link:


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