Mamavation Monday {I’m Only Human}

Good news: My weigh in! Things finally moved!! After 3 weeks, I can’t pretend I wasn’t discouraged, but I buckled down and started tracking my calories, added in more fresh fruits and vegetables and water. Sadly, I also decreased my Diet Coke consumption. 

Last 3 weeks: 182
Today: 179.6

For the past few days, I’ve had sick kids and a crazy schedule. I haven’t exercised since Saturday and it’s really starting to get to me…I miss it! I plan on sweating things out the next few days and also plan on fully indulging in my favorites on Thanksgiving. 

Last year at this time, I was involved with a well known weight loss company and thought refraining from all Thanksgiving desserts, bringing my measuring cups to the dinner table and alienating myself away from the group was a good idea. And I still gained 2lbs. This year, new Jen is in charge and I’m so excited! My plan is to have an awesome workout as planned for Thursday and drinking my Shakeology for breakfast and then indulging in the foods I only get at Thanksgiving. As for desserts- BRING IT ON! I make a delicious pumpkin spice trifle and I can’t wait for my in laws pumpkin pie cake. Will I have a gain next week? Probably. Will I be upset if I do? Absolutely NOT. Thanksgiving is about enjoying food, family and friends and it happens once a year.

I’m only human. 



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