Go Heavy or Go Home

This post is going to go up pretty fast, I’m completely exhausted tonight and all I want is my bed a book and the sweet, sweet release of a good night’s sleep. 


Made an executive decision yesterday. Doing two really hard programs at once was seriously bringing me down. I preach to everyone else, don’t start with too much or you’ll burn out and quit, but did I take my own advice? Of course not. And 

what happened? I have been so sore, so burned out and really wanted to just quit. I knew that wasn’t the answer, and I do love a good workout, I was just trying to be a super star elite athlete right out of the gate. News flash Jen: You’re not 18 and you’re not in peak physical condition anymore. So I’ve decided to pick one program at a time, give it 100% instead 50% and go for the glory. I struggled with which one to pick, but ultimately it came down to my doctor’s advice a few months ago to build my cardio endurance. Turbo Fire it is. I’m not making my own schedule this time around either, I’m following the guide as is. She knows what she’s doing and each week has a specific goal. I’ll be doing a daily update along with 30 day progress updates, I really want the t-shirt and I’m going to enter myself into the Beachbody challenge and see if at the end of this, I can win some $$$! Thank you for your continued support and motivation…HERE WE GO!!!!! If you want to follow along, photos will be posted on my “Like” page (who wants to help me get to 100 likes?!) which is located here: www.facebook.com/JenPabstCoach

I mentioned a few days ago that I have teamed up with Tribesports, this week there was an article about why women should lift heavy weights. I admit that I used to think the only way to lose weight was hefty amounts of cardio and no weights at all. I didn’t want to look beefy. Then I started reading blogs, specifically Becca’s blog and realized what an idiot I was. One of the beautiful things about Turbo Fire  is that it’s heavy on the cardio, but also has yoga, abs and weights DVD’s in the mix as well. I love how well rounded it is and feel like you get a little bit of everything with it. In ChaLEAN Extreme; a program that I’m also completely enamored with, is heavy on the weights with a couple cardio, yoga and abs DVDs. The one thing that is talked about over and over and over again is the theory that that muscles need to be worked to failure and to go heavy or go home. Muscle burns fat. At first, I was using 5lb weights only, but noticed when I lift heavier, the inches started melting off of me. I’ll be doing Turbo Fire for the next few weeks and then to switch things up I’ll be doing ChaLEAN Extreme again and then not sure what after that. 

In the article on Tribesports, by Nia Shanks, she gives 4 reasons why women should lift heavy. You can find the entire article here:  http://tribesports.com/blog/nia-shanks-why-women-should-lift-heavy-weights

Lifting heavy can be fun and addictive (in a good way, of course). When I first started lifting, 5lbs was enough for me. A lot of sets, I could barely lift with 5’s and now that’s only a warm up weight or when I want to build some muscular endurance. It’s a lot of fun to see how fast you can improve (go heavier) and remember where you started. 
It will increase your self-confidence. Once you start lifting, you will be amazed at how much better you feel about yourself. Knowing that I can lift heavy (for me currently) and keep up with the DVD’s I’m doing is a HUGE ego booster.
Results in less time. The ChaLEAN Extreme weights DVD’s are between 32-40 minutes, it’s VERY rare that my workout session is an hour. I used to think that you had to work out at least an hour or two to get good results, but when you train correctly, you’ll see amazing results in a short amount of time.
It’s safe. Lifting CAN be dangerous, IF you don’t use correct form. If you are just getting started using weights, start with resistance bands or really light weights, until you get your form correct. Learn the form, then build your weight resistance.
And here is a beginner workout to get you started. 

I was going to list all of my meals as well, but this post is getting long enough, so I made a collage instead. Quick and to the point!

Breakfast: Egg Sandwich, my water concoction (water, stevia,true lemon, apple cider vinegar) #gallonaday, Lunch: couscous, beans, broccoli, orange and dinner was a chicken greek salad. 

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!!!! 



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