Tribesports Abs and Legs Mini Circuit

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Tribesports to see if I would be interested in joining their site…I checked it out and fell in love immediately. If you haven’t checked it out, do it now! There are different challenges you can do, Tribes to join and the community is SO strong…it’s amazing!!! You can find me here, follow me if you join! I’m still learning about the site myself. 

Today, I received this fun Abs and Legs mini circuit to promote and I gotta say, it looks really good!!! I didn’t do it today, but I’ll be doing it tomorrow morning. 

Let me know what you think if you do this circuit! Speaking of workouts; I was, right?


Day 24:

ChaLEAN Extreme: Burn Intervals
Turbo Fire: Stretch 10

Soulmate workout!! I seriously LOVE CLX: Burn Intervals! It is 50 minutes and gives you a full body workout. 1 minute intense cardio drills, 2 minutes weight endurance drills. Light weights, multiple reps…builds loads of endurance. Ending with stretch 10 is simply amazing. Perfect cool down for any workout. 


Egg sandwich: Sandwich thin, strawberry jam, sharp cheddar cheese and an egg. Banana on the side. 


Leftovers for the win! Leftover roasted potatoes topped with black beans, taco sauce and feta cheese. Carrots on the side.

Dinner is unpictured, because it was utterly disgusting. It was fundraiser night at Little Caesar’s for the school. Really upset I wasted the money. I had one slice and wanted to vomit, I can’t believe how much of that garbage I used to eat. Apparently my taste buds are changing!

And with that, I’m done! Have a great night!!!! 



4 thoughts on “Tribesports Abs and Legs Mini Circuit

  1. I just printed out that circuit workout – I may do that this afternoon!

    Ug, Little Caeser's is the worst – love that your taste buds are changing Jen!

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