A Different Person

Make that 2.5 years ago.
After my Dad passed away so suddenly, a part of me went with him. I pulled away from everyone and everything, I thought I was ok…but I was FAR from it. Everything made me sad or mad and I didn’t care about anyone or anything. The past 6 months have been life changing for me. I’m happier again, I’m living life again and my smile is coming back and it’s genuine. 

Even when life throws you giant curve balls, you CAN pick yourself up again. My life will never be the same, I miss my Dad every minute of the day, but I’m excited about living again.

I’m currently down 40lbs and countless inches…and the scale is going away. I feel the obsessive thoughts and feelings creeping back into my life and I don’t need/want that. I will be weighing and measuring myself on the first of each month just to keep track of my results for this program that I’m doing, but that’s it. I can feel myself changing every single day. I’m able to do exercises that were near impossible 3 weeks ago and my self confidence is coming back. 6 months ago, you would NOT see me with hair or make up done and I certainly wouldn’t have voluntarily taken a picture of myself, but this was on Sunday. Hair and make up done and feeling amazing with the way my life is headed.

Have a great day!!!!



6 thoughts on “A Different Person

  1. I have a few friends who have lost their parents in the past year and the grief seems unbearable. Being excited about life again is just what your dad would have wanted and soo happy you were able to get there! Love the quote– it's so true and soo good to remember

  2. The grief was beyond unbearable. I had just talked to him 20 minutes before the accident. You are right, he would be so mad that we spent too long being miserable and grieving. I never thought I would make it to the “acceptance” phase, but I'm there now.

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