Day 13

I promise to get back to regular posting tomorrow, but I only have one picture for today again. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, some days it feels like I drop the kids off at school and moments later I’m right back there picking them up and it’s 4 or 5 hours again before I can sit down for a minute. I’ve been eating a lot of the same things and a few splurges, I have some wicked cravings this crazy week of the month…and my appetite is near insatiable today!!

That being said, 

Day 13 

ChaLEAN Extreme: Burn Intervals
Turbo Fire: Stretch 10

The first time I ever did Burn Intervals, I hated it. I wasn’t used to lifting weights, cardio was HARD and the 45 minutes felt like 45 days. I’ve known this workout was coming up all week and I have had this feeling of dread going into it just remembering the first time. Once I got started, I absolutely LOVED it! I believe I have found my soulmate workout. The 45 minutes flew by and I didn’t want it to end!

Good night!!!


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