What I Ate Wednesday

I haven’t posted a WIAW post in a few weeks, no good reason, just kept forgetting to get an entire day’s worth of pictures for WIAW, but I did today!


This morning was a mentally tough one. I’ve never done Burn It Off before and was blown away. My mind was ready to give in after the first set of exercises, but I kept going. As it got to the end, I was thinking to myself that I had just wa

sted 30 minutes and then Chalene Johnson said something that hit me hard. “Any movement is better than no workout at all.” After that I put everything I had into Recharge and finished strong and able to go deeper into the stretches than just a couple of days ago.

Week 1, Day 6
ChaLEAN Extreme: Burn It Off and Recharge


 Egg whites with a tablespoon of enchilada sauce added. Funny story, last night I swear I thought I opened a giant can of refried beans…turns out it was enchilada sauce. I filled up a tupperware container and now I’m adding it to anything I can think of. It was surprisingly tasty mixed with the egg whites.

The egg whites were on a sandwich thin with some sharp cheddar cheese.

And a banana.

And my newest obsession; hot chocolate and a heavy handed shake of pumpkin pie spice.
This was so good, and I only ate half, so pretty sure I’ll be having the rest for a repeat lunch tomorrow.

 Meat/Black bean mixture from last night’s tacos mixed with {more} enchilada sauce and topped with feta cheese.

All served on top of a perfectly baked potato (cook at 350 for an hour)

And a cup of sliced strawberries on the side.
A delicious repeat of the meal we had a few nights ago, I bought enough to have it twice this week.

BBQ baked chicken, rice and roasted broccoli slaw. I’ve decided that roasted broccoli SLAW tastes a million times better than roasted broccoli SALAD. Huge difference!!! 
And that concludes this edition of What I Ate Wednesday, thanks Jenn as always for hosting such a fun link up party!!!

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