What I Ate Wednesday {11}

Happy Wednesday! You know what that means, WIAW!!!

My morning started off with Turbo Fire: Stretch 40. Essentially it’s 40 minutes of yoga, poses specifically helpful for Turbo Fire. Warrior I and II, Pigeon, SOOO many plank to downward dog. Everything is sore and stretched tonight. 
After getting the kids off to school, the little one and I came home for breakfast. I had an egg and cheese wrap
And a Yoplait Cherry Orchard yogurt, this is one of my all time favorite yogurts ever. Normally, I”m all about the thick and creamy greek yogurt, but sometimes when Yoplait is on sale, I can’t resist.
Now that Fall has officially arrived, I’m craving soup for lunch. Today I had chicken noodle with extra vegetables added in.
And then I had celery dipped in Laughing Cow Light cheese
Fall afternoons means a full tea kettle and me filling my cup all afternoon until the water is gone.
Tonight was soccer night, which means quick and easy meals. Tonight I made pancakes and added in some frozen strawberries to the batter as they were cooking. Best.Decision.Ever.
Juicy, delicious strawberries in every bite. 
Now we are home, getting ready for bed and another busy day tomorrow. Have a great night!!!!


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