I have been debating about doing ChaLEAN Extreme or Turbo Fire and couldn’t decide, so today I decided I am going to do both, alternating days. On the Team Beachbody website, you can enter your weight, a bunch of fitness measurements (pull ups, sit ups, resting heart rate, etc.) and a whole range of measurements. As I was entering my starting measurements for the next couple of months of my new plan, I saw that I had added measurements from May. WOW. What a difference!!! Not only have I dropped 32+ pounds, but check out the inches lost.

May 2012                         September 2012
Waist: 45.5″                       Waist: 41″
Hips: 48″                             Hips: 43″
Chest: 46″                          Chest: 43″
Right Arm: 15″                   Right Arm: 14″
Left Arm:15″                      Left Arm: 14″
Right Thigh: 26″                  Right Thigh: 22″
Left Thigh: 26″                    Left Thigh: 22″

Total Inches Lost: 22.5″

WOW!!!!! I love progress! My workout today was Ab Burner and Recharge. I got my butt and abs handed to me on a platter and then 20 minutes of stretching and various yoga poses.


Oatmeal with blueberries and brown sugar. I normally add the blueberries after the oats are done cooking, but since they were frozen, I added them when I added the oats which resulted in ultimate blueberry oats. 

And a piping hot mug of milk chocolate hot cocoa. Reason # 5millionand2 why I love Fall!


Every once in awhile, I give in to cravings. I have been craving the Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich from Burger King for daaaayyys. Healthiest lunch ever? Nope, but delicious and now the craving is gone. No picture, I went and got it after I was done babysitting this morning and I was starving.


This was so good! Steak, baked potato (salt,pepper,butter) and mixed vegetables.

OH, yes. Love on a plate right there.


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