Sweaty Sunday {2}

Welcome back to another issue of Sweaty Sunday!

My workouts from this past week:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Stretch 40

Tuesday: Tone 30

Wednesday: 45EZ and Stretch 10

Saturday: Core 20 

My period started and I had cramps and not enough motivation so I took some extra rest days this week. I’m for sure ready to rock and roll this coming week!!!

Here’s my schedule for the upcoming week:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Fire 45EZ and Stretch 10

Tuesday: Stretch 40 

Wednesday: Sculpt 30

Thursday: Core 20 and Stretch 10

Friday: Fire 30 and Stretch 10

Saturday: Stretch 40 

Today I want to talk about another program by Chalene Johnson, this one is called ChaLEAN Extreme.

ChaLEAN Extreme is a 3 phase system that can burn up to 60% of your body fat.

STEP 1: BURN You start lifting weights to jump-start your metabolism and break down those “extra” reserves of fat. In these moderate training workouts, you’ll work your upper body then lower body, and learn how Lean Phasing will help you see major results every 30 days!

STEP 2: PUSH Chalene shows you how to lift heavy—beyond your comfort zone—so you build the muscle you need to burn fat. Chalene makes it easier than it sounds with incredibly fast results.

STEP 3: LEAN Here is where you really bring it home with new routines and dynamic moves that literally melt the fat off your body. You will be blown away with jaw-dropping results and rewarded with a brand-new body!

I have done this program before and had great results!! It’s not just lifting weights though, there are also cardio DVD’s mixed in to your program.

Accelerate your results with these calorie-scorching cardio routines. And then rejuvenate and lengthen your body with this invigorating flexibility workout.

If you want to check it out or buy it for yourself, please visit my website:

http://www.beachbodycoach.com/jenpabst and then click on the Shop icon.

Your turn!!!!

What were your workouts like this week?

Any goals for the upcoming week?


7 thoughts on “Sweaty Sunday {2}

  1. Hope your weekend was great girl!

    Oh I am going to say I have had horrible cramps too BUT I am so thankful I have, since I got my period back! I never wanted cramps so bad in my life, when they happened they sucked but grateful!

    I had just light walks this week, nothing crazy in fitness!

    Happy week ahead!

  2. Chad’s sister and husband are visiting us this week. So I am hoping to do “sneaky” workouts this week, much like this weekend. Lots of hiking, and other fun activities that really are a workout but really don’t feel like one!

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