Fall in a bowl

I have been trying to make more of an effort to make use of all of the food in our pantry and when I was looking for something to make for breakfast this morning I came across 3 giant containers of oatmeal…I wish I was kidding. I like oatmeal, but it’s never been a go to food for me like eggs are, but the bowl I made this morning. Hello, lover.

I mixed half water and half milk and while that was boiling, I cooked apple chunks in cinnamon and a little water so they would steam. After the oats were done I topped them with the apples and one of my most favorite of nut butters.

Mixed everything together and it was like a bowl of Fall goodness and love.

Oatmeal might move up the list of favorite breakfasts after all!!!

For lunch, I was craving a sandwich – these taste so good lately – and went simple. Mustard, ham, swiss and pickles.

So delicious!!! On the side I had some sliced cucumbers

And 1/2 an apple, my little man had the other half.

Since I still have 3 containers of oats left, what would be on your perfect bowl of oatmeal?


17 thoughts on “Fall in a bowl

  1. I just bought 10 lbs of oats. for less then 7 dollars! I like to add dried fruit, yogurt, and of course peanut butter… maybe not all together though!

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