Why I Said Good Bye to Counting Calories

I’ve mentioned before  how I’m taking a different approach to weight loss. Since May I have lost a little over 3o pounds and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m starting to get questions now that others are noticing my weight loss and the number 1 question is

* What are you doing?  Are you counting calories? Weight Watchers? 

The honest truth is this. I have absolutely NO idea how many calories i eat in a day, only what I burn and that’s only because I like to try and “beat” the calorie burn from the last time I did a particular work out. Yesterday when I logged in to My Fitness Pal to track my weigh in and workout, I decided that I was going to track my calories and water for the day and see what I was doing on an average day.

Never again.

I had a horrible day. All I could think about was food and getting the most food with the lowest amount of calories. After I tracked my breakfast, the first thought I had was “crap, now i have to eat practically nothing for lunch and dinner.”  I was obsessed with measuring out everything and fell right back in to my old habits immediately.

It was then that I realized, I have dropped this weight by eating when I’m hungry, stopping when I’m full and not obsessing over how many calories are in a 1/2 cup of strawberries vs 1 cup. If I want a grilled cheese for lunch, I’m going to do it. I know this approach probably won’t work for everyone and if counting calories is working for you, go for it…I’m done with it!!!!

Now that I’ve rambled, let’s get on to the few pictures I took today.


Egg white sandwich with cheese and strawberries on the side.

Hello delicious and creamy hot chocolate, I’m so excited you are back in my life!!! After breakfast I did a Turbo Fire workout, on the schedule today was Tone 30. 30 minutes of butt kicking using a resistance band and lower body band. My legs, bootie and arms were quivering by the time it was over and as the day goes on, the soreness gets deeper and deeper (that’s what she said.)

Have a great night!


7 thoughts on “Why I Said Good Bye to Counting Calories

  1. Jen, I so needed to read this and LOVE IT! When I track my foods and look up every calorie it makes me INSANE. So cool that you were able to learn to eat intuitively- that’s something that I am trying so hard to do. Congrats- and you look FANTASTIC!!!! xoxo

  2. I get way too worked up over counting calories, plus itz just a hassle!! I like to eat when I’m hungry, make smart choices, and enjoy life without playing the numbers game! 🙂 You’re doing awesome!

  3. Oh my gosh I’m so happy to have read this post! I actually stopped counting calories just a couple of weeks ago. I find myself being SO much more relaxed (and no, I haven’t suddenly gained a bunch of weight!)

    I’m working on a post like this and I’m so inspired by yours!

  4. you look great! i keep track of my calories, roughly. but luckily i dont feel obsessive about it (okay, i dont keep track at all on the weekends.. if anything i could probably be mroe strict about it haha) but i could DEFINITELY see (and have heard) how people get obsessive over it and it takes over and turns into a horrible chore. but it is awesome you have something that is working for you! i see keep that up for sure!

  5. I am another one who cannot count calories!! I think it works for sure but I become so obsessed that it isn’t good for me mentally. Like you, I would rather just eat what I want(within moderation) and watch portion size.

    Congrats on losing 30 pounds!!!

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