Sweaty Sunday

Today starts a new series (and if I ever figure out how to get other people to link up, please link up too) called Sweaty Sunday.

What it is:

  • Discuss workouts completed from the past week
  • Set goals for the upcoming week
  • I’ll be picking one Beachbody program to highlight.

This last week, I only did one formal workout and that was Turbo Fire and I did that one last night.

I did the Fire 30 class and burned 532 calories. I was wiped out, but honestly can’t wait to do more tomorrow!!! Always a sign of an awesome workout!

My goals for this week: 

Fit in more Turbo Fire! Now that we are getting used to the school/sports routine, I can start doing a little bit more during the day and still get everything done that needs to get done at home.

What is Turbo Fire? 



If you love Turbo Jam®, get ready to have the best spot in class with TurboFire®, Chalene’s intense new total body conditioning program. You’ll do high-energy kickboxing drills and sculpting exercises set to Chalene’s own music mixes.

TurboFire is all about the music, the energy from the class, and the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) “fire drills”. You’ll work out at your max for up to 1-minute intervals with quick periods of rest to ignite your metabolism and burn 9x more fat than with traditional cardio. The AfterBurn effect will have you burning extra calories for up to 24 hours after your workout.

Your turn!!!

What were your workouts like this week?

Any goals for the upcoming week?


2 thoughts on “Sweaty Sunday

  1. I finally got my butt into gear this week and started running again! Woot! Chad and I made it out twice this week, running a 5k each time. While we normally take Sunday as a rest day, Saturday got away from us, so we plan on doing a longer run tonight. I’m shooting for 6 miles and Chad’s shooting for 10. LOL. We’ll see what happens! This week we hope to run even more!

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