What I Ate Wednesday {10}

I really don’t know what number I’m on, but last time I believe was #9, so I’m going with it.

WIAW #10


Egg sandwich and strawberries.

For awhile eggs were starting to make me gag, I think I just ate them way too often, they are now tasting better than ever.


Needed something quick and easy so I had some Lean Cuisine Chicken Spring Rolls, cucumber slices and more strawberries.

On the way to the school to pick up the nuggets, I had an apple (first honeycrisp of the season and it was AWESOME!) Dinner had to be quick tonight so we could get to the soccer fields for warm up and a game. We had cheese quesadillas and refried beans. Not the healthiest meal, but way better (and cheaper) than stopping somewhere on the way or on the way home.

Definitely not  the prettiest thing to look at either!! I took a million pictures of Tyler’s soccer games from Monday and tonight, so I made my favorites into a collage. His team is 2-0 so far and they are all doing so well.

And that concludes this edition of WIAW! Thanks for hosting Jenn!!


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