I was given an opportunity to sample Rebootizer and after it sitting on the kitchen table, I decided this morning was the morning I would try one.

Powerful antioxidant instant drink = Sold! As a mom to 3 kids, busy schedule and school starting, I need something to keep my body running strong.

The directions are really easy: squeeze, shake, drink.

So I did just that!

After the package “popped,” I shook it until all the lumps were gone and then drank it all. Not bad, quite delicious actually. I have a few more packages I want to try before giving my final analysis. Their website suggests you do it 6 days in a row once a month, so that’s what I’ll be doing.

Normal antioxidant production is not enough to neutralize all free radicals, especially after excesses. 

In addition to long-term effects, temporary oxidative stress generated by junk food, alcohol, caffeine and smoking also has harmful short-term effects. The morning after price of this imbalance can include a pounding headache, fatigue, cotton mouth, queasy stomach and a weakened immune system.  

Rebootizer’s efficiency was proven by a scientific study, demonstrating its properties on oxidative stress. This study, based on the evaluation of the effect of the plant extract on the rate of oxidation of aldehyde and ethanol, validated the energy of the metabolism (degradation) process.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I’ve definitely had more “pep” in my step today!


I wanted a grilled cheese, but wanted something with a kick. I added Trader Joe’s Hot and Sweet Pepper Jelly to the cheddar cheese…best combo of all time.

It looks a little messy {and burned},but I assure you, it was awesome! The sweet, spicy, cheesy combo was delicious in every way. I also had a couple of pickles and a honeycrisp apple.

We were going to have chicken alfredo with broccoli for dinner tonight, but the kids came home with a flyer announcing a fundraiser at Little Caesar’s. Works for me!

A couple slices and I was good to go. I’m embarrassed to admit that not even 6 months ago, I could pack in 6+ slices at dinner. Yikes.

It’s nice having a night where no one has to be anywhere, I baked some muffins this evening and made a fresh batch of hard boiled eggs.


3 thoughts on “Rebootizer

  1. I tried Rebootizer at the Healthy Living Summit! It was *different,* but I actually really enjoyed it! Anything that gives me a little more “pep in my step” is a winner in my book. 🙂

    Grilled cheese sounds SO good right now! It’s my all-time favorite sandwich, but since becoming GF a few years ago, it no longer happens as often as I wish! That’s going to change this weekend. 🙂

    Happy Friday! ❤

  2. Wow sounds like an interesting drink. I would be curious about the packaging as I know sometimes that type of packaging can contain BPA’s. Let me know if its BPA free and the ingredients list would be great too! Love and Shine CourtStar

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