Marathon Training, Week 13 and Week 14

It’s hard to believe that four weeks from today, my marathon will be over by this time of night.  The last two weeks have been hectic and crazy.  I have had to juggle running, work, kids, and soccer like you can’t believe.  The weather has been hot again.  I guess I was lucky to get one day of ideal running conditions, right?

Week 13 I ran 5 miles, 9 miles, 5 miles, and 18 miles.  That 18 mile run was so tough.  With breaks, it took me over 4 hours.  I think I was in 3 different cities.  I have noticed that if I stop running to take a small break, it is so much harder to start back up again, and to keep running.  It’s like I lose my mental focus or something.  I had a massive blister on the ball of my right foot.  Nine days later, it is still there, although it is getting better.  I bought these band-aids that are special for blisters to protect it from my long run this week.

Week 14 I ran 5 miles, 9 miles, 5 miles, and 14 miles.  One thing I really like about the Hal Higdon training plan is that when my weeks start racking up crazy mileage, his training plan will cut back the next week.  It’s mentally and physically good.  Mentally good because it doesn’t feel overwhelming, and physically good because I don’t feel like I am just wrecking my body and legs.  I’ve been really working on my overall pace for the run the past two weeks, especially on the long runs.  I am almost two minutes per mile faster than when I started the training plan.  I am also 25 pounds lighter!

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I feel so accomplished with the mileage that I have put in for this marathon.  No, I am not the fastest runner on the course, but I know I will finish.  When I started training, looking at the mileage seemed overwhelming.  I thought that there was no possible way that I could ever run 14, 16, 18, or even 20 miles, or run four days a week.  But here I am, with only four weeks to go, one more week of crazy running before tapering, and I AM DOING IT.

Week 13 total mileage: 37 miles (holy crap)

Week 14 mileage:  33 miles


2 thoughts on “Marathon Training, Week 13 and Week 14

  1. WOW! Impressive!! I agree with you about stopping for a short break, it makes it harder to start running again, I am much better off if I don’t stop. My longest run is only 11.5, so I’m sure I would need to stop if I ever reach 18 miles, or more!

    I used to get blisters in the same spot of my foot every time i ran, and then I got these thick synthetic asics socks, and I completely stopped getting blisters. I got the socks at a running store, but I’m sure they are online too. I hope they will help you prevent/protect blisters!

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