Scenes from the campground

Last night three little nuggets of mine stayed up way too late and then as soon as the sun came up this morning, they decided they wanted to be up as well. Needless to say, it’s been a long and grumpy day. We tried to have fun, but everyone was exhausted. We did a little pool time, some golf cart rides, but also did some laying around in the trailer and outside.

Breakfast this morning was quick and easy; honey nut cheerios.

After breakfast we went in to town and did a bit of grocery shopping and then stopped at the farmer’s market. I got the most delicious plums, peaches and pink lady apples. Then they told me that honeycrisp apples will be picked starting tomorrow and they will be sold starting on Saturday, YES! We came back and did a little playing and then had some lunch.

Ham and cheese, mustard and pickles. Bliss. I also had one of the apples picked fresh this morning.

Must get more tomorrow!

After lunch we went to the pool for awhile, but after spending the better part of the past 3 months in this same pool, we were all tired of it and only stayed for an hour.

Dinner tonight was actually really good. I had a chef’s salad that I picked up from the store this morning and spaghetti with 3 cheese sauce. So good!

I only had half of this salad, it was huge!

So much goodness in one bowl.

Topped with one of my favorite salad dressings.

After dinner and before showers, we went on a little golf cart ride to pass some time. I’m sad this is our last trip up here, but really excited for fall and everything to arrive.

Tonight is an early night, everyone is in bed and I’m going there shortly!!!



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