WIAW: Meet the Teacher Day

It’s another edition of What I Ate Wednesday, like I said on Monday, I love link up posts!!


Egg sandwich on a sandwich thin

I found this jelly in the fridge, that I totally forgot about; Trader Joe’s Sweet and Hot Pepper Jelly. I absolutely LOVE this on egg sandwiches, the sweet and hot combo is a winner every.single.time.


And a delicious juicy and crisp Fiji apple


The usual Shakeology (www.myshakeology.com/jenpabst)

Today the only fruit I add to mix in was frozen pineapple. It was ok, but don’t think I’m going to do it again.

At our school, there are two activities in August that the kids look forward to every year, the first is the ice cream social done a couple of weeks before school starts, and the second is meet the teacher day, done a few days before school starts. My two have a husband and wife one teaches fifth grade and one will be teaching my second grader, they are so excited! Now that they have met their teachers and they know where their classrooms are, they are even more excited for school to start on Tuesday! We went to that after lunch then came home to pack our bags and headed up to the dunes for one last camping trip.

After 3+ hours in the car, we got here and set the kiddies loose to ride bikes and play at the playground, everyone is snuggled in now and I’m headed to do a little blog and book reading. Have a great night!



4 thoughts on “WIAW: Meet the Teacher Day

  1. Pepper jelly. There is nothing I like more, maybe in the whole Jelly world. I LOVE pepper jelly with a little brie.

    And now I wanna have a cheese party.

    In other news, Meet the teacher day sounds like the best, and the most exciting for the little bits. AHHH back to school!

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