One More Week

I know sometimes it can get confusing, but there are two of us that are blogging here, I try to remember to sign my name at the bottom, but sometimes I forget. At the top of each post, it says who is posting though; either myself or my sister Tara. Tara is the one training for the marathon.

While this summer vacation has gone by really fast and we have had a ton of fun, we are all more than ready for school to start and I’m so thankful that it’s only 1 week away. We have one more get away this weekend and then it’s back to the school routine, soccer games and practices, scouts and other after school activities. I was going to do a survey that Katie posted today, but I am going to save that for a day I don’t have much to post about.


Peanut butter toast (crunch, finally!) and a juicy nectarine.

I told the kids that we were going to be cleaning the house from top to bottom today and it’s exactly what we did. I vacuumed, swept, mopped, cleaned toilets and deep cleaned every single room. Exhausting, but worth it. I can’t handle leaving on a vacation with the house dirty.

We took a break for lunch:

Chocolate Shakeology with a cup of frozen blueberries added in.

So good. So filling.

I didn’t go grocery shopping this week, so I just gathered what we had and made a dinner out of it.

Brown rice with roasted broccoli

One of the last nectarines in the house

And sliced chicken apple sausages. After Spencer came home, I took off for a bike ride. Wow. I went a different way today and it was full of hills. My quads are on fire tonight!!!

I only paused the watch, so this isn’t accurate. When I got back to the house it was at 40 minutes and 301 calories burned, but because I took the watch off and left the chest strap on, it just kept running.

I’m going to attempt to foam roll the quads and hips tonight and do a little stretching because I’m feeling a bit tight. Have a great night!


8 thoughts on “One More Week

  1. Wow, your schools start late! Our kids started a week and a half ago! I plan on doing a deep clean over the long weekend – that way I can “work” one day and goof off the other two!

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