Weekend Wrap Up and Weigh In

First things first:

Last Week: 196

Today: 193.4

Total Loss: 26.6 pounds!!!

Seriously can’t even tell you how awesome this feels! Everything is getting loose and baggy on me, I’m not as cranky and tired and I’m still loving food! I used to waste so much time counting calories, measuring foods and tracking everything, not doing it is so freeing!

We were camping this weekend, went out to eat, had lots of treats and I still managed to lose a little over 3 pounds. Awesome. Life is good!!

Speaking of camping, on Saturday we were showing some friends around Silver Lake, first stop was Little Sable Point Lighthouse. We go here almost every trip for the beach, it’s close and the kids favorite spot for day trips.

After we went on a tour of the lighthouse, we drove up to our second favorite town; Pentwater. We had lunch at The Brown Bear and then walked around the town for awhile.

It was such a nice day to just be outside and walk around. I can’t believe we only have one more trip up this season!!!

While we were up there, our friends brought there bikes and I had too much fun, we came home and I told Spence I need a bike! The plan was to wait until next season, but then I got a phone call today asking if I wanted a bike, it’s only been used once…yes, please!!!

I had to go grocery shopping, but as soon as I got home, the kids, husband and I went for a quick ride. Can’t wait for longer rides!!!



15 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up and Weigh In

  1. ah! sorry i haven’t checked in in awhile, been following – but just want to say that your weight loss is fantastic! i know that you have this ongoing battle (been following you for what, a year?!?!) so it is so great to see. happy for you!

  2. Ok soooo kind of weird…I was poking around online looking for some fitness motivation and found you. Well, get this…yesterday I weighed in at 193 for a total of a 27lb weight loss! We’re on the same path! Keep up the good work and I’ll definitely be following your progress!

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